Freedom Of Fun!

      Life shouldn't always be about WORK and SERIOUSNESS and in my opinion, Websites shouldn't either, even if they are Professional, Buisness, or Personal! I have collected a few games from different sites for you to enjoy while you are here. No matter if you need to relax or just pass time, this is the place to do it.

     Since these games are not of my creation, I can not change the internal coding, but, if you like what you see I will happily give you the codes! If you would like anything on this page or any other TAB, just go to the "Send Me Roses" page and click on the "Desine" link to email me. Please put "(PAGE NAME) (DESIGN NAME HERE)"  when you send the email so I will know exactly what I should send you back. Within the same day or next you will recieve a personal email with the link to the site I got it from along with the HTML code and instructions on how to install it. If you have problems simply press "Reply" and add on to the existing information the details of your problem.

     If you have any problems with the games on this page or any other TAB please let me know. Go to the "Send Me Rose" page, find the Red Rose link that says "BAD" on it, and message me the complete details of the problem. I will have it fixed same day or next and you will recieve an email saying it has been taken care of.

     I will be adding a games EVERYDAY till this page is  too full, so keep checking in if you are a gaming fan. If you have a request, go to the "Send Me Roses" page click "Questions?" and send me a message with the name of the game in the subject line and a description in the message. If I can not find it I will send you an email letting you know, but, most likely the game will be up in 24 hours and you will have recieved a message telling you so.

     I hope you enjoy the games below, and have a great day/night.