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          Going Back In Time

     On Thursday January 24th, 2008, at 9:00pm Eastern Time, the Discovery Channel flickered across my television screen. On it I saw a man speaking and what he said hypnotized my Thought Process and whirled me into Wonder. "What if we could take a man or woman well into thier 50's or 60's and transform thier body into thier 30's or 40's?"  At this I lolled back into my bean bag and said "Ha WHAT IF?" Through my sarcasm I relieved Hope and Curiosity unreconized by me at the time, but soon to overwhelm me. 

     As the show went on, I felt a disapionted cloud rain down upon my beautifuly composed vision of what I had hoped to learn. In about 30 - 40 minutes in all they had told me was something I had already decided on at the age of 13: That we are not programed to die, The actions we take in life deterate our body, and regular aging breaks down the cells causing wrinkles and decay. Our body ages at different rates in different parts. Although they mentioned the full process of how this took place, saying that the Mitochondrea falls, breaking parts of the DNA, thus slowing the Cell Regrowth process, I did not find any of the excitment I had hoped for.

     Then, just as I was about to turn the channel, Surprise hit me with the force of a Hurricane sweeping up an Ant. They had FINALLY reached the good part! THE PROOF! The Proof and the Action, finally came into the picture. They had come to the conclusion that birds had a very unusaul long life span, and had taken a look into the bird's DNA.They had found that a particular 94 year old bird, who was still energetic and running, ("outliving 3 previos masters"), lacked the influence of the Mitochaondrea. Thus the DNA was left undamaged and the bird healed faster and aged slower. Then the man took me into his lab where Hundreds of bio-genetic scientist were working on gene DNA exsperiments.

     The first thing I was shown was the Earth Worm. The Earth Worms life was supposed to be only 20 days. "Yet," the scientist told me, "By only changing only one gene in the worms DNA, it had a life of about 40 days." Yes I had to admitt this was an interesting peice of pie, but I wanted more. After the worm, they went to rats. "Rats," they said, trying to convince me, "Have 70% of the human DNA make-up. If we can do it to the rats, Humans will follow."

     "OK!" I said to the TV screen, or rather despratly yelled, as if it were a kid putting it's tongue on the window and rolling it up, "So when does the "SLOWING" part become the "STOPING" part?" The preview had said different than what I had just wastedly sat through. "How does this help me?"

     The TV laughed at me in mokery as it ahowed yet another man on the screen. As if Interveiwing instead of being Interviewed, as was, He was approaching several people on the street with a bottle of some ironically nasty looking brown stuff imating the potion of life. "I know how to reverse the aging process." he declared to me. "I have found a way to reverse the cell's growth!" And then he turned to a woman and asked "If this was a potion containing the Fountian Of Youth, would you drink it?" "No," She replied. "Death is what gives beauty to life."

     After her, a few said yes, and a few said no. "In the end" he replied, "I was suprised, more young people said "No" than I thought would. They won't say that when they can feel the years of aging." Then he said the obvious hidden fact "There is no such thing as eternal life in the biblical sense here on earth. We can still die from accidents, homicide and stuff like that. But, everday 150,000 people die. Out of that, 50,000 people die from old age. If we can save 50,000 people a year, wouldn't that be worth it? We must try. In 20 Years from now, there WILL be people who will live to be 1,000 maby 2,000 years old who look 20, maby 30 years of age."

     "Pretty bold thing to say buddy!" I told him as he walked away. He did not turn back having his mind made up for certain. Being on the discovery channel, I believe it is true, but what do YOU think? What is your opinion on this matter? Would you drink the potion of life?

     My thoughts are objectivly opposite. I would drink it! But I do not think it is the best thing for the world to have. Consider this: With all the people in the world continuously having babies with no money to support them, the using of gases and resorces, the crime rate, and the amount of room for homes where trees must be cut, what else can you exspect other than chaos in a world with 3 or 4xs the population of today?

     The population would be so cramed with children both homeless and uncared for, that the government would have to limit the number of births per woman. (How many babies could a woman in her 1000's have?) If that didn't happen we would have millions more cars, polution watse fields, and gases in the air to cause the O-Zone Layer to rip apart! If that didn't happen, The criminals would multipy and Jails would be full, soon the death penalty will be included for smaller things such as robbing a house. Trees would be cut at 2ce the rate. Maby no more trees would exsist, only Homes and Apartments. I know it is all far stretching, but in the end, it makes sense if you think Long-Term.

     So would you drink it? How do you think it would effect the world in later times?




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