Here's The Connection...

     If you are looking for someone to host your website, then I have a full list of free hosts that give you all you need and more. If you need someone to ADVERTISE it, then I will look over it, and place it on my page for everyone to see. I also have a list of places to find pictures and animations to spice up your website if you are in the do-it-youself-mood. Otherwise, if you have a Myspace, Vampire Freaks, or any other Community Website and want to make it more personal, creative, spontaneous, unique, or "out there" then I am definatly 100% willing and able to help you. If you Are looking for FLASH decorations with NO LOGOS, or your name on it, I can fix it up for you and personalize it. If you need help with HTML, or just need me to tamper with it, I am up for it!

     If you are wanting to send someone you know something special over the Internet, I can whip up quite a few things, from e-cards, to flash animations, to beautiful emails, and pictures. Need something for the Holidays? I have a million ideas and creations waiting for you. Is the pictures on your computer looking dull or still? I can add Animation and Digital 3d Design to it, and even Erase the background for you.

     Need a cool looking MP3 PLAYER with colors of your choosing and no www. logos? I can do it. I even have CLOCKS of every type you can imagine, so people will never ask "What time is it?" when they visit your site. Need a BANNER? I can create one with 100% personalized picture, font, wording, size, and color. Same goes for LOGOS, BUTTONS, LAYOUTS, and anything else I create. Have you ever wondered what day it is? Well not me because I have a stylish FLASH-ANIMATED toy on my website that automatically tells you the day that is programed on your computer so you never have to wonder.

     I have many more things available. I am posting a few "Big Hits" on this site in various places, so browse around and check them out. Anything here can be PERSONALIZED to your choosing. The main colors I am choosing for my site here are blue, black, and white, but you may have it any way you like. I am also putting different syles up considering the fact that we are all different. these are just a few things I can do for you. I know you are wondering how much this is going to cost...Well I thought that over too.

     We live in a world in which nothing is for free, and the hunger for money, whether by greed or need, is far more stretching than love, kindness, and care. It is very hard to find help without having to pay for it. People take money for things that cost them nothing at all just for profit. Well, I am not one of those people. Although I spent many hours a day painfuly (my back) sitting and creating everything here, I love what I do and it makes me happy to help others and design ART.

     Not to mention I did not pay for this site. The only money I have put out was for the programs on my computer that I use. So why should I make you pay? If labor is loved, then it isn't really labor is it? So with that said, I tell you, everything is FREE. I do request you put a logo or banner of my site somewhere near you to help me gain project requests but that is of YOUR choosing. Either way I will try my best to help you and please you in my work.

     I made this website using knowledge of things I myself once looked for. Things I once looked for was very hard for me to find. Sitting and searching for hours just to turn up empty-handed! I used to write to the website owners, only to get an automated emails or no reply at all. I did not know how to tamper HTML, so I was stuck with a million logos and names on my flash pictures and toys. It was hard for me to get personal help from any one on the internet and most of all everyone wanted MONEY!!! Well here everything is free, personal, and I will always get back to you.

Enjoy Everything


©Moon-Lite Desine ~Working In Darkness~