My Quickies! *Done in 20 Minutes or Less*


She told me what she wanted, and she got it! I made this for her around Christmas.

Morbidly Beautiful

Tainted Beauty Is Forever Remembered...I did this from my original picture in the "About The Moon" section.

My Neighbor Eddie...

He always wondered why Satanism never looked as beautiful as Christainty. So I made him this.

3 Dimentional Rainbows

One of my first 3 Dimentional exsperiments.


Boo-Boo-Becki, my other sister. I also did hers for Christmas. didn't want to make her feel left out. As you can tell even though she chose the whole out-look, I insisted on picking on her!

Also For Eddie...

I threw this in to his liking. He desribed it over the phone, and though it was not what he meant it was 10x better! (Details may not appear in small image).

Hidden Hippie

In this picture is a big hidden Peace sign with 3 hearts in 3 corners and a moon in 1 corner. This is the small version, but I do have a clear big version for those of interest.

Zombie Princess

Zombies...They are every where...Even here...You can have one too...

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