The Freedom To Choose...

     As this site grows I will be putting more work on here. The Mini-Projects (such as banners, pictures and generated work), will have a copy pasted here so you can see the work I have done for others. Banners are a great way to advertise anything while making a personlized logo for any site. As I get Banner Requests, throughout my work, I will put them on this page with my logo on it. The person it is for will recieve a logo-free copy.
     If I advertise anything on "The Universe" page using a banner I created myself it will contain my logo in the bottom. If anyone would like a logo-free copy of anything on this page I have saved all my work and HTML scripts and would be happy to give away the copy. I have full permission from all personal community sites to advertise them, and will contact them upon release of their banners.
     Also I have embedded a HTML script in all pages which prevents people from right-clicking or dragging any images and saving the as thier own. This is good for you! Any art you submit, or creation I post here will never be taken! So enjoy the images below!

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