Why Am I Here?

I made this site for Normal people who may not have alot of exsperience in HTML, or computers nor the money to spend on getting help for their online Projects. I am here to help 24/7 and will never ignor a email, nor do I send automated emails. I give you 100% attention and care. My web site is designed for no less than 3 hours a day and no more than 8 hours a night. This guarantees new and flawless content every day! I offer completly FREE Website Design, Graphic Art Design, Personal Picture Design, Free Website Advertising, and even Myspace or other Communtiy Web Site Design and Advertisement. I can do thing from Flash Toys to full Website Creation. Then if I make anything for you, or you request it, I will glady Advertise your website on a special page. If you dont have a Banner I will make one for at your request.  Simply put: I am here for you and willing to help you in anyway possible for nothing more than a Thank You. I take pride in my ART (not work) and I love what I do, so let Moon-Lite Design shine some light for YOU.


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