Moon-Lite Is Here For You!

     Over the past couple of years I have been learning HTML and tampering with GENERATORS and CODES. I have put my different projects on different sites such as WWW.VAMPIREFREAKS.COM, WWW.MYSPACE.COM , WWW.BRAVENET.COM , and many more. I also have made different pictures using SERIF PHOTO PLUS 8, PHOTO SHOP, DREAMWEAVER and other handy programs for RESIZING and CONVERTING FILE FORMATS. I store these PICTURE-PROJECTS in my PHOTO BUCKET. Photo Bucket is a place that gives you an entire GB of image space and a whole 25 GB of monthly bandwidth, (which is alot considering that with my 434 images of all different formats I only take up 2% space on their hard-drive) for absolutly free, (and by free I mean no money or advertisments). This is very handy for any type of website creation or generators! You can find your own personal image space at WWW.PHOTOBUCKET.COM .

     I operate on a 100% legal and hassle-free scale. I devote myself 100% to any project I take up, seeing how I am "In Love With My Work" so to speak. I have done projects for 3 of my Sisters, my Father, my Mother, my Fiance, some friends, and nieghbors. They were all so pleased they said I should persue a Career. Yet sadly I do not have the money for colledge so I am starting my Career here. I have the full support of those closest to me with many supplies and programs at my finger tips. I envision myself creating a 100% homley, creative, bonding, and enlighting enviroment for both myself and the Person I am HELPING. This is not work for me, but a very relaxing way of helping people take thier ideas and manefest them into a Virtual Peice of Art. 

     I also work with nothing short of an OPEN MIND. While it takes some people time to learn this, I have had an OPEN MIND since I was very little if not, at birth. This is MOST IMPORTANT considering the fact it will help us both. I can create ANY type of ART (as I call projects) of any style. From CLASSY, to PROFESSIONAL, along with GANGSTA, PUNK, MANLY, HUNTING, GIRLY, GOTHIC, CRAZY, SPORTS, ADULT, RELIGEON, MAGIC, CHILD, and any other theme you can think up. I can create pictures, find and put together different peices of animation using GENERATORS, create a web-site, design your MYSPACE for you or anything else you may have in mind.

     Even if you just want advice or How-To-Do Walk Throughs I (unlike many website owners) will be 100% happy to assist you and help you the best I can personaly. Also I have decided to do FREE ADVERTISING for your website if it is apropraite (SEE "DANCING STARS" FOR MORE INFORMATION). I will not ignor your email and I will get back to you as soon as possible (same day or next). All advice and walk throughs are PERSONALY GIVEN and DETAILED. I will also Answer any Questions you may have, Post your Comments, Contemplate your Concerns, Fix Problems, and SATISFY your needs to the best of my ability.

     All messages and emails are to be in the critera of internet WEBSITES, DESIGNING, ADVERTISING, AND PICTURES. I will NOT accept emails that have nothing to do with this site!!! Those emails will be ignored, deleted, and blocked. Anyone looking for trouble will be reported. I do not play games and I do not mess around with TROUBLE. I Thank You for your SUPPORT.


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